Glycated hemoglobin--a public health perspective

The burden of diabetes mellitus across the world especially in India is substantial, and much of the morbidity and mortality is due to development of diabetic complications. Control of blood glucose is important to reduce occurrence of these complications. Measurement of glycated haemoglobin (hemoglobin) values provides valuable information about long term glycemic control, and is recommended for routine monitoring by several clinical guidelines on diabetes. Monitoring and appropriate management have been shown to improve outcomes in patients with diabetes in other parts of the world. However, the adoption of glycated hemoglobin as part of routine monitoring of diabetes patients in India will need to answer issues of availability, affordability and accessibility.

Indian J Public Health. 2007 Apr-Jun;51(2):107-11.Venkataraman K, Kannan AT, Kalra OP, Gambhir JK.
Department of Community Medicine, UVMS & GTB Hospital, Delhi

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